Terms and Conditions

You, Lessee, agree to lease the property selected and detailed on Your order (the “Property”) from RENT PRONTO for NUMBER months (the “Initial Lease Term”) beginning on the date the Property is delivered under the terms and conditions set forth herein. After the Initial Lease Term, the Lease will continue on a month-to-month basis until terminated by RENT PRONTO or You (the “Complete Lease Term”). After the initial delivery, any additions or deletions to the Property will be confirmed in writing and will be subject to these same terms and conditions. Any such changes may result in modifications to Your Total Monthly Rent and/or additional transportation charges.

Monthly Payments Charged to Customer Designated Credit Card: All payments due hereunder will be charged monthly to Your credit card on file during the Complete Lease Term. Your Total Monthly Rent ($TOTAL) is made up of the Monthly Subtotal, plus applicable Sales or Use Tax.

Total of Payments: The amount You will have paid by the end of the Initial Lease Term is $TOTAL (inc. tax)*months on lease. The amount You will have paid by the end of the Complete Lease Term will be dependent on the total number of months therein.

Late Payment Fees: You will be charged a Late Payment Fee of $50.00 (unless restricted by law) for each month the full amount of Your Total Monthly Rent is not successfully charged to Your credit card on file. Additionally, You will be subject to a monthly interest charge of 1.5% (unless restricted by law) on all balances more than 30 days past due. These fees and charges will be in addition to all other remedies available to RENT PRONTO in the event You fail to keep Your account current.

Taxes: You agree to pay all applicable sales and use taxes in connection with your rental of the Property and taxable services provided.

Delivery and Pick-up: RENT PRONTO will deliver and pick up the Property at the address specified above and on the mutually agreed date confirmed via electronic communications. You grant RENT PRONTO permission to enter Your premises for the purposes of delivering and picking up the Property. RENT PRONTO will have no liability for damages resulting from any delay in delivery or pick-up of the Property. Delivery and assembly will be at no cost. You will be charged a $100 pick-up fee (the “Pick-up Fee”).

Additional Transportation Charge: If, through no fault of RENT PRONTO, an additional pick-up or delivery must be made to complete this transaction, an additional transportation charge will be due and charged to Your credit card on file.

Cancellation: You may cancel this Lease by e-mailing notice of cancellation to info@rentpronto.com at any time prior to delivery of the Property. Cancellation of this Lease within 3 business days after delivery will result in a Cancellation Fee of $199. Refund of initial charges net of any Cancellation Fee will be made to Your credit card on file. Cancellation more than 3 business days after delivery will be treated as an early termination of the Lease.

Termination and Pick-Up: In order to arrange for an orderly close-out of this Lease and pick-up of the Property, You must provide RENT PRONTO, by e-mail to info@rentpronto.com, with a minimum of 15-days notice in advance of the desired pick-up date. Failure to provide such notice may result in an additional charge equal to one month’s rent plus applicable sales and use tax. Upon termination/completion of the Lease, any overpayments will be credited to Your credit card on file.

Early Termination: Except as provided in the Cancellation section, upon early termination, without notice or demand, You will become immediately liable for all of Your obligations under this Lease and hereby authorize RENT PRONTO to charge Your credit card on file for the full amount due. If You cancel your rental, You will be charged the per month price that corresponds to the actual number of months You have rented for according to prices listed on www.rentpronto.com, with a minimum rental charge of one months.

Responsibility for Maintaining the Property: RENT PRONTO inspects the Property prior to delivery to ensure that it is free of material defects or infestation. You are responsible for maintaining the Property in good condition, subject to ordinary wear, and for any damage, loss or destruction. Whether the Property is damaged, lost or destroyed will be determined in RENT PRONTO’s sole and absolute discretion.  In the event of damage or loss, RENT PRONTO will charge You its cost of replacing or repairing the Property, including materials, parts and labor, plus any applicable service fees. You will not remove any item of Property from the delivery address without RENT PRONTO’s prior written approval. If you fail to return the Property as required, you will be liable to RENT PRONTO for an amount up to the replacement cost of the Property plus handling fees, in addition to all other payments and charges due under this Lease. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold RENT PRONTO harmless from any and all liabilities, claims, suits losses, damages, costs and expenses, including but not limited to that the Property is infested with insects or that insect infestation in the Property caused personal injury. You also agree to unconditionally release and discharge RENT PRONTO and its officers, directors, employees and agents from any and all claims or suits for damages suffered by You as a result of insect infestation, personal injury caused by insects, or other damage or personal injury caused by the Property.

Warranties: RENT PRONTO is not the manufacturer of the Property provided under the Lease. RENT PRONTO makes no warranty, expressed or implied, with regard to such Property including, but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

No Assignment: This Lease may not be assigned by You in whole or in part, and no portion of the Property may be subleased to any third party without the express written consent of RENT PRONTO.

Title: It is understood that this transaction is a Lease and not a conditional sale or financing agreement. Title and ownership to each item of the Property will remain with RENT PRONTO, and You will not grant a security interest of any kind or dispose of any item of Property. You must keep the Property free and clear of all levies, attachments, liens and encumbrances and must not in any way impair RENT PRONTO’s title in such Property. RENT PRONTO has the right but not the obligation to file a financing statement at any time to file notice of its ownership of the Property.

Default: RENT PRONTO may terminate this Lease at any time and repossess the Property without legal process, notice or demand: (1) if You violate any of the Lease provisions and fail to cure such violation within15 days of receiving notice of the violation; (2) if You become insolvent or make any assignment for the benefit of Your creditors; or (3) if any proceeding is instituted against You under bankruptcy or similar laws for the relief of debtors or a receiver is appointed for any of Your assets. Upon such termination, without notice or demand, You will become immediately liable to RENT PRONTO for all of Your obligations under this Lease, the Termination Fee and any damages resulting from Your failure to fulfill all of the provisions of this Lease. You will also be liable for all costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, which may be incurred by RENT PRONTO in enforcing these provisions, including at the trial and appellate levels.

Miscellaneous: This Lease and any disputes related hereto are governed by the laws of STATE. You agree that if any of its provisions are held invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will be enforced as if without the inclusion of the invalid term. This Lease contains the entire agreement between You and RENT PRONTO for the rental of the specified Property, supersedes all prior agreements between You and RENT PRONTO for the specified Property, whether written or oral and any terms, and may be amended only by a document endorsed by both parties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, RENT PRONTO reserves the right to unilaterally amend the Late Payment Fee with 60 days prior written notice to You.