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West Elm Eddy Sofa

West Elm Eddy Sofa for rent in NYC and NJWest Elm Eddy Sofa for rent in NYC and NJ

82"w x 34.25"d x 33"h


Beige, Gray, Indigo

From: $55.00 / month


Whether you’re sitting alone or comfortably with others, you’re in for the time of you life when you relax on the West Elm Eddy Sofa.
This product makes enjoying a cup of coffee, working on your computer, and watching a movie easy.

The uniqueness of the product lies it its fluffy seat and back cushions that provide your body with the ultimate support. Since the cushions are packed with high resilience foam and polyester fibers, they will regain its shape as soon as you get up for a restroom break or glass of water. For longer lasting and even wear, make sure that you turn the back and seat cushions over occasionally. Trust us, your house guests definitely will appreciate it! And your body will eventually too!

The high-quality product is made of a luxurious indigo, beige, or gray fabric that can blend seamlessly into the warmth of your house or apartment with its reflective shine. Not only is the fabric beautiful, it is also resistant to abrasion and easy to clean with the soft brush attachment of your vacuum. Who wouldn’t love this awesome perk?

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