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Loveseat EKTORP

ektorp sofa for rent in NYCektorp sofa for rent in NYC

Beige, Gray, White


Width: 70 1/2 " Depth: 34 5/8 " Height: 34 5/8 " Seat depth: 19 1/4 " Seat height: 17 3/4 "

From: $39.00 / month


Friday night is family night! So grab your favorite movie, stories, or games, and gather everyone atop this EKTORP Loveseat for a night full of laughs and memories.

Don’t know where you will have your weekly family nights? Try setting this sofa in your living room, den, or even your bedroom if it’s just you and your partner spending some quality time together. Featuring cozy seat and back cushions that are specifically designed to provide your body with support, this treasured Loveseat will be as comfortable as your bedroom bed. While the seat cushions are crafted to easily regain their shape when you rise, the durable back cushions offer two different sides for longer wear.

The comfy seating experience is also made possible by the Loveseat cover, which is made of 55 percent cotton and 45 percent polyester. The EKTORP Loveseat is available in white, beige, and dark gray colors, so you’ll have a variety of style options when you purchase this product for your family fun night or just everyday leisure.

Whether you would like to create a simple living space or spruce the area up a bit by changing to a new
coordinating cover every season, this piece of furniture will provide you and your loved ones with supreme comfort and long-lasting memories. To clean, machine wash the removable cover on a warm, normal cycle.

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