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LEIRVIK Bed frame

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Bed Size

Full, Queen

From: $25.00 / month


When an open, airy design is paired with a classic finish, true magic will always ensue. Inspired by the 1950s, which were a time of simple tastes and classic lines, the Leirvik Bed Frame stunningly captures the minimalist style from this era.

Featuring a bold, scrollwork design and an elegant, white finish, this charming platform bed is sure to anchor your guest suite or master bedroom in a sophisticated yet traditional flair. The soft and elegant curves of the bed frame will create a beautiful focal point of the bedroom while providing a light, delicate, and whimsical vibe. One of the best features of this bed frame is its stability and longevity. The product’s extremely sturdy construction with a glossy, white finish ensures that the panel bed frame will keep its charm for many years to come. So you will no longer be a serial-bed-buyer when you invest in this long-lasting beauty.

Because of its classical beauty and traditional elegance, this product will not only contrasts nicely with other furnishings, but the bed frame will also give your bedroom some personality. Loving this idea? Don’t be afraid to accent the scrolling details on the frame with a beautiful paisley comforter, or keep things simple with a color-block duvet set. We promise that your significant other will like the revitalized sanctuary, even if you intentionally didn’t consult with him/her about the bedroom transformation!

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