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Bed frame SNEFJORD

snefjord bed for rent in NYCsnefjord bed for rent in NYC
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SNEFJORD: The most luxurious bed you have ever laid eyes on!

Have you ever been sitting on your bed, working on your laptop, or just watching television, and wished to yourself that your bed extended up the wall so it would be more comfortable? Well, we are gonna make your wish come true with SNEFJORD!

Just look at this bed and tell us it doesn’t scream comfort! The padded headboard is made to embrace you in luxury whenever you need to sit up in bed. Are you a late night reader? Do you have a small apartment and don’t want a futon? Do you need to watch a little television before being swept away by the Sandman? If you answered yes to any of these questions, SNEFJORD is the perfect bed frame for your needs!

With a center support beam made from Galvanized steel, this bed is also more sturdy than most. The fabric headboard cover is completely removable and washable which means that you never have to worry about it getting a little musty or smelly from overuse.

You can get this bed in any size you like, as long as you pick queen. (only available in queen size) What are you waiting for? SNEFJORD was made for you! If SNEFJORD had a mouth and could talk, it would be calling your name in the most smooth inviting voice that you have ever had the privilege of hearing! You deserve to make your wishes come true with SNEFJORD!

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