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4-drawer dresser TYSSEDAL

tyssedal drawers dresser for rent NYCtyssedal drawers dresser for rent NYC

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TYSSEDAL 4 drawer chest: Luxury in the form of a dresser. 
Do you find yourself always accidentally waking up family members or roommates whenever you close a dresser drawer? Or maybe you are the one always being disturbed by a noisy dresser? That will not happen with the TYSSEDAL 4 drawer chest!Each drawer is equipped with Integrated dampers made to catch the running drawer and bring it to a slow, silent, and soft close. Light sleepers rejoice, this is the perfect dresser to add to your bedroom! The TYSSEDAL 4 drawer chest also has pull-out stops fixed in each of those silent drawers to make sure that they don’t fall out onto the floor, or worse, your foot!They also thought of another obstacle to overcome when creating the TYSSEDAL chest, it has adjustable feet made to conform to any irregularities in your floor! No more shoving folded up cardboard under the leg to keep your dresser sturdy. As an extra safety feature, this dresser also comes with a harness that you use to attach it to the wall to keep it from tipping forward.This dresser not only sounds good on paper but will also look good in your home. Available in white, the TYSSEDAL chest will give your home an extra boost of style!You are a busy person who is in a hurry in the morning… slamming dresser drawers closed just seems to happen no matter how many times your loved ones complain, you just can’t seem to get this noisy aspect of your morning routine under control.

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