Why should I rent?

Let’s say you’re moving to a new apartment and feel like starting it with a clean slate, but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars to get new furniture. Or you are in a business trip or you are a student and don’t plan on staying in the city for a long time but still need to furnish the apartment you’re staying at. Or let’s say you are looking to (re)furnish your office. Either way, rent is the most convenient option for you, as you don’t have to deal with hiring a delivery/assembly company and pay thousands of dollars for their service and for the furniture disposal if you no longer need it.

How does it work?

Just choose the furniture you like on our website, pick the lease term you need to rent this furniture for and make a payment online. It’s easy like that. We’ll deliver the furniture and assemble it. When your lease term ends, we’ll come to pick up the pieces and take them away.

Where do you provide your service?

We provide free delivery and assembly in New York’s five boroughs. We can also deliver to parts of New Jersey for an additional charge.

What do I need to do for pickup?

Nothing special! Just check the furniture if it’s free of your belongings before we come to pick it up.

How long do delivery and pickup take?

Depending on the size of your order, usually it takes 2-3 hours for both delivery and assembly.

Is delivery “white glove”?

Yes! Our delivery service includes unpacking and removal/disposal of packing materials.

What other expenses are there?

We charge $100 for pick up at the beginning of your rental. There are no any hidden fees.

What if I want to add items to my order?

If you would like to add items to your order, there will be a $99 fee for each additional trip.

Quick! I need items immediately!

No problem! We can provide our service next day or even the same day if we are not too busy 🙂

What if I want to rent a package and I like the package but don’t like some particular item in it, can I substitute the item I don’t like?

Sure, just reach out to us with your preference and we will make a substitution and the price adjustment according to this substitution.

What is your return policy?

If you don’t like the items you ordered and would like to return them, we will come and pick them up, and you will be charged for them only as if you’d order them for the amount of time you used them.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you placed an order and then cancelled it at least 2 days before the delivery date you specified, there is no any cancellation fee. However, if you cancelled it less than 2 days prior the delivery, $99 cancellation fee applies.

Can I rent for a week or even for one day only?

Yes, with our pocket-friendly furniture rental you can rent for as short as one day.

Can I rent for home staging?

Yes, we are happy to help you sell your apartment by providing our furniture for your home staging rental.

What furniture brands do you rent out?

On our website you can find furniture for rent of such brands like IKEA, West Elm, CB2, Pottery Barn. We rent out only high quality furniture. And we aren’t afraid of saying where our furniture comes from. Unlike other companies that only say that their furniture is high quality but don’t name the brands. We source the pieces you can actually feel the quality of.

What if I need to end my lease early?

No worries! Just reach out to us with this situation and we will come to pick up the furniture. And you will be charged only for the amount of time you actually used it with the price adjustment according to that lease term.

What if I want to extend my lease, or buy the furniture after it ends?

There’s no charge for extending a lease, other than the monthly charges that will continue. If you rented furniture for 12 months and would like to extend the lease for another 12 months, we provide 30% off your monthly payment.

And you also can buy the furniture after your lease ends if you want to. Just reach out to us about this.

How do I schedule a return?

We will contact you a week before your lease is over to arrange the pickup time with you.

What’s the shortest lease you offer?

As it was mentioned before, you can rent from us for as short as 1 day.

What if my pickup date isn't the same day of the month as my delivery?

If you request the pickup before the end of your lease, you still will be charged for the full month. You won’t be charged extra for a pickup day within 7 days after the end of your lease.

Help! Something broke!

Don’t worry! Let us know by reaching out to info@rentpronto.com and we’ll figure it all out.

Are you the official representatives of IKEA?

No, we are not the official IKEA representatives, we just love their products and its a true pleasure for us to work with IKEA furniture as we know it really well.

Do you have a certificate of insurance?

Yes, we have a COI in the amount of $1.000.000 (each occurrence).

What if I damaged the furniture I rented from you?

Whether the Property is damaged, lost or destroyed will be determined in RENT PRONTO’s sole and absolute discretion.  In the event of damage or loss, RENT PRONTO will charge You its cost of replacing or repairing the Property, including materials, parts and labor, plus any applicable service fees.