Pros and Cons of Renting Furniture

Published: April 23, 2018

For the bigger part of society moving is a difficult and exhausting life event. In fact, it’s an exciting process. You start a new page in life. It’s like a new adventure, putting down roots in a new place.

But moving day may be also stressful, so, lots of people face with some moving problems as well. It’s difficult to move houses, especially if you do it at the very first time. You have to arrange the rooms in your new dwelling. But when you need to furnish your new apartment, you ask yourself “Should I rent furniture or buy new?”. This issue may easily confuse everyone. To make the best decision you need to acquaint yourself will all the pros and cons of renting furniture.

Nowadays there are lots of furniture renting companies, which encourage people to use their renting services. Those who need furniture immediately and have no time for shopping, listen to these companies and lease furniture. But the next arises: is furniture renting a good idea or not?

Here are some Pros and Cons for you to realize what rent-to-own furniture means:

Pros of Renting Furniture

  • Furniture renting is a cheaper option than buying a new one;
  • It’s quite an accessible service to everyone;
  • It’s the best temporary decision (if you plan to live in a town for a few years or if you are a student);
  • The rental stock offers a great assortment of  furniture to suit any customer’s preference and need;
  • This option is a great solution for those who have a limited budget, and extra expenses don’t match their plans;  
  • Top-rated companies, often offer rental services, accompanied with free transportation to satisfy personal needs of consumers;
  • Free installation option may be also offered to you;
  • The rental companies usually do not take your credit into consideration. So, you will not worry if your credit is bad;
  • You can try the product at home and make sure you need it or not;
  • Also, the option of flexible payment plans is one of the greatest benefits of renting furniture. A customer can choose the sum which he or she wants to cover for a month. Taking into consideration customer’s budget and rental needs, he/she can choose furniture to satisfy all the necessary requirements for temporary living in a new town/state/country.

furniture rental

Cons of Renting Furniture

  • You should be very careful with your renting furniture. If you damage any piece of furniture, you will be demanded to cover the whole expenditure;
  • If you want to stop leasing furniture, you have to pay the price written in the rental agreement;
  • Your credit history can suffer from late monthly payments for the renting furniture;
  • The payment itself may be low, but you should take into consideration the effective interest rate. Frequently, it is very high. It becomes noticeable when you pay monthly for a long period of time. Thereby the total price turns out extremely high;
  • The rental products have worse quality than the new ones;
  • You have to cover the price of a lot of fees;
  • If your late payment or do not pay the monthly payment, you will get harassing phone calls

Furniture Rental Tips

When you looked through all the advantages and disadvantages of renting furniture, most likely you have made your own decision. If you want to use rent-to-own furniture, you should be aware of some tips.

  • Read attentively all the terms and conditions of the rental agreement before signing. If something goes wrong or you pay the too high cost, you should turn to the agreement. If you do not understand some points of the contract, or if the workers do not normally explain it to you, you can ask for consulting;
  • Before leaving a sing on the agreement you should find out:
  1.     The consequences of non-payment of a monthly fee;
  2.     Who repairs the furniture and is responsible for its maintenance.


When you relocate to a new home, you face the choice of renting furniture for an apartment or purchasing a new one. This article was created to help you to find the best solution to your problem. The main reason for furniture leasing is its reasonable price. «But what about the quality? » you may ask. The quality of renting products is, undoubtedly, a little bit worse than the new ones. But if you worry about it and don’t want to be cheated, think about Rent Pronto. Here you’ll get not only a friendly rental service but great IKEA furniture for rent as well.

 Pros and Cons of Renting Furniture