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Rent Pronto


155 Water Street, suite #320
Brooklyn, NY, 11201

+1 (609) 483-6443

RENT PRONTO now is a furniture rental company based in NYC.  But how did we come to the idea of starting to rent out the IKEA (and not only IKEA) furniture?

We are in the business for 4 years already. Owning a successful IKEA delivery and assembly company, we realized that so many people come to NYC only for business or studying for short periods of time, and they have to buy new or used furniture and deal with its shipping, assembly, and the worst thing – its disposal after when they don’t need it anymore. And moreover, they have to spend thousands of dollars at a time to buy the furniture and to pay for a labor to get it delivered, assembled, and then removed. So, it occurred to us that starting the furniture rental business would make many lives in NYC so much easier!

With RENT PRONTO service you don’t need to think of saving money to get your furniture, you don’t need to hire someone to deliver it and assemble, and last but not the least – you don’t need to think of moving it when you decide to change your residency. The only thing you need to do is to choose your furniture from our catalog.

Just think about it; you are never going to be worried of your move again! Whether you’re renting an apartment for yourself or an office for your newly born company, you can just get it fully furnished at the mouse-click, and then get it unfurnished the same way. No more hiring huge moving trucks, no more looking for someone who will help you assemble and disassemble your furniture, no more packing and unpacking it! Forget about this nightmare! Here is RENT PRONTO to the rescue!

Our catalog is constantly updated with new products to meet any of your interior tastes. It does not matter if you have an exquisite taste or prefer a simpler interior; RENT PRONTO has exactly what you need.

There are so many furniture rental companies out there. But do you really want to furnish your apartment with some furniture you don’t even know the brand of? RENT PRONTO provides for rent only new furniture (IKEA and other popular brands). So why rent unknown used furniture when you can rent new furniture you’re already familiar with?

RENT PRONTO will deliver your new furniture, assemble it and pick it up when your lease is over. Isn’t it the smartest idea to move? Whether you’re moving to NYC, or just changing the apartment within the city, RENT PRONTO will help make your move the easiest thing you’ve ever done in your life!

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