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$60Table Lamp




$1334One time payment
Buying at IKEA
$289per month
*in case if you rent the same package for 12 months
Renting from us
$540per month
*in case if you rent the same package for 12 months
Renting from our competitors
Buying at IKEA
Table Lamp$60
$1334 Total
Renting from us
*in case if you rent the same package for 12 months
$289 per month
Renting from our competitors
*in case if you rent the same package for 12 months
$540 per month

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Rent Pronto

Being a homeowner requires you to make a lot of important choices. Choosing the furniture you desire can be a difficult decision. You may love the idea of buying furniture, but several obstacles may have hindered you from the purchase. Before deciding to buy your next furniture set, consider the benefits of a rental instead.

Upfront Costs

If elegant furniture does not fit into you budget, choosing a rental will be more cost effective. If you like the idea of a low monthly payment instead of paying thousands of dollars at once, then renting furniture is a better option. Whether you rent a single item or an entire bedroom package, it is completely up to you. You can start with a minimum of 1 month or choose to rent for up to an entire year. Having flexibility in the rental period helps fit into anyone’s budget.


If you have an extremely busy life, no need to worry! We take care of the usual issues associated with buying furniture.

New IKEA furniture

We try to keep up with the latest trends of IKEA furniture. Buying the newest IKEA furniture we provide our customers with comfort and convenience. We rent out only new IKEA furniture, so you can be sure that no one used it before it got delivered to you.

No delivery fees

We proudly offer no cost delivery to all our customers, which is usually a hidden fee when you buy furniture. Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing that delivery fee at the end of your purchase. Delivery to your residence is always free.

Free Assembly

Although beautiful, putting together furniture can quickly turn into a nightmare with complex instructions. Our trained professionals will make your life easier saving you time and stress. And the best part is – you don’t need to pay for the assembly.

Rapid delivery

After placing the order, you can expect to receive your items the next day. Simply enjoy your furniture instead of waiting a long time for it to arrive.

Order from home

In 2018, we can purchase anything in the comfort of our own home. It is not necessary to go to the furniture store. You can spend a few minutes on our website and have all the hassles diminished.

No need to worry about the furniture disposal when you move

Getting rid of your old furniture in NYC is not an easy thing to do. You need to hire movers and pay them for their service that is not cheap. With our furniture rental service you just get your furniture picked up by us at the end of your lease.

No Long Term Commitment

Once you decide to buy furniture you are stuck with it forever. Renting furniture gives you more options as time passes. Always having variety can keep it exciting and fresh.

Rent Pronto is the premier furniture rental company dedicated to meeting the needs of all our customers. Give us a call today or browse our website for professional and speedy service. We look forward to assisting you!


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